Marlon Connor

Marlon Connor

Groningen, The Netherlands
Marlon Connor

Move Together

The Move Together project supports those who, for whatever reason, have become less active and / or healthy. Using sports and other physical activities the project helps people to work on their overall health through sports. The goal is self-reliance, even when that does not seem to come that easy.

We don’t move enough, research proved again recently. This increases the risk of diseases such as cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and some type of cancers. More and more initiatives focus on making children more active. However, there is a much larger problem, according to the research. In order to initiate a permanent change, the inactive lifestyle of both children and adults must be tackled from home.

The main reasons for the lack of exercise are too little time, not enough money, no sense of commitment and discomfort in a gym-setting. The Move Together project addresses all these causes. Barriers like medical problems, low budget or few possibilities must become a thing of the past: being active and exercising must be available for éveryone.

In collaboration with social teams, schools, local health authorities, and also through friends, family, members of sports clubs and students, we’re reaching those who need a helping hand when working on their health. They receive a health package, as an incentive to start exercising.

In addition to sports equipment and information, the package also includes a free ticket for a Move Together Workout in the neighborhood, emphasizing the social character of the project. In an informal setting, we motivate and inspire eachother to be active and healthy in life. Those who feel good and feel comfortable, are able to be more active and will automatically do more!

For more information on the Move Together project (in Dutch): CLICK HERE